Semi restore 7

Semi Restore7, created by CoolStar developers, is the top freeware to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod without losing jailbreak on your idevice. All the idevices running with iOS 5.0 through 7.0.6 can be restored with Semi Restore 7 now. Semi restore 7 is about to remove all third party Cydia sources, plus, infected of broken Cydia Apps and tweaks.

Just think, you wanna restore your already jailbroken idevice. You can do that process through iTunes. But it will wipe out your jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or any of your idevice. Then you will have to re – jailbreak your idevice again taking much more time. But if you just have a need of get rid of all Cydia apps and tweaks to make your device back to it’s preliminary condition, Semi Restore 7 is the superlative tool for your purposes. Here we are giving you the links to download.

Download Semi restore 7 free.

iPhone  - Cydia-guides

All we want for the Semi Restore 7 process from you is,

  • Few minutes from your time.
  • Installed open SSH on your device.
  • A PC running Windows or Linux.

You should have known these things before you start the Semi Restore 7 process starts.

  • Semi Restore 7 works much better with Windows XP SP3 and the higher versions about it.
  • Semi Restore 7 needs 32 & 64 Bit Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 or a higher equivalent).
  • Therefore Windows users should have iTunes and .NET 4.0 or higher installed on PC.
  • Linux user PC`s have to be installed libi mobile device, GTK 3, libusbmuxd-tools and open SSH.
  • Linux users also have to read “Read Me’’ file before the process started by them.
  • If you want your data back, remember to backup data on your device.
  • And also remember to keep away from using your iOS device or whatever things related to iTunes or XCode during the process of semi restore 7.


What are the advantages gives you via Semi Restore 7 process?

  • All Cydia apps and tweaks will be removed on your device.
  • Host file and any issue can be effected with it will be fixed.
  • Clears all user data.
  • All permissions and privileges will be fixed.
  • Activation issues fixed.
  • iMessage / Facetime issues will be fixed.
  • Fixes Safe mode issues which appear randomly.
  • Re installs Cydia back if it deleted from your idevice.

And remember also, Semi store 7 can’t help you with these issues.

  • Upgrade or Downgrade iOS Version of your idevices.
  • Jailbreak iOS Device of yours.
  • Fix tarnished System Files.

Semi Restore 7 can be work with,

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iphone 4S
  • iphone 4
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPod Touch 5th Generation

simple step guide for semi restore 7.

  • Download Semi Restore 7.
  • You should have iTunes & .Net framework installed on your computer and Open SSH iOS 7.1.2 should be installed on your iOS Device premature to going on to the restore iOS 7.1.2.
  • All the requirements ready, then, Connect your idevice to the PC and open semi restore 7.
  • Let your PC to detect your device and then click restore button without any doubt.
  • You will be done within 5 to 10 minutes and then your idevice in first condition.

Video guide is also here! Check it out!!